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Full stack enhancement and development of the Brand42 corporate site


  • Company: Brand42
  • Role: Full stack site development


  • html
  • css
  • javascript
  • jquery
  • ajax
  • express js
  • mongodb
  • keystone js cms
  • nodejs

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At Brand42 I have been working on several updates to the main company site. In addition to an array of cosmetic updates to the site, I was responsible for two large developments to the site.

With these developments, the Brand42 site won the award for Self Promotion in the W3 General Website Category for 2015.

I created a minimap function similar to that which is used in Sublime Text for the Brand42 site. It was created using jQuery giving a more visual indication of a user's location on a webpage. CSS transitions were also used for subtle animations. Keeping it lightweight, I kept it lightweight to have a static image to be used for the minimap. This was dynamically generated using an instance of PhantomJs running on our ExpressJs framework to take a screenshot and save it to the server.


As part of a marketing push, new custom pages were introduced to allow for a tailored approach to new clients and leads. This was achieved through integration into the Keystone CMS, updates to the backend structure in Express and updating the Mongo (Mongoose) model. Elements that were customised on the page went form the page title, introduction paragraph, use of the individuals name on the page and a Google map feature that showed directions from their office to ours. The custom pages have proven to be largely successful and resulted in new business.